LSO CCD Equipment:

Sized specifically to capitalize on the large aperture and very long focal length of

the LSO Classic-Cassegrain telescope, our scope/CCD combination is geared toward the imaging

of very faint and deep sky objects not normally imaged.  When members want to image more traditional

bright objects they can attached their own personal CCD or the STL-1001E to either the Takashi flat field

Newtonian or refractor already attached to the telescope.  They also have the ability to convert from f/16

to f/8 by inserting the custom built four-element telecompressor thus doubling the field of view.

All imaging can be done from the heated/air conditioned comfort of the Club House and thus avoiding the

cold and heat inside the observatory.







Model Research STL-1001E   Size 6.5 X 6 X 3.5 in
Imaging Chip Kodak KAF-1001E   Weight 4 lbs
Internal Guiding Chip TC-237   Interface USB
Pixels 1 million   Internal Filter Wheel 5 position, 2"
Array 1024 X 1024   Filter Positioning electronic, Automatic
Chip Dimensions 24.5 X 24.5 mm   Shutter electronic
Pixel Size 24 X 24 u   Cooling Thermo + Water Opt
Chip Type Full Frame   Power 12 VDC
Chip Class 2   Software Various
Anit-Bloom No   Filter Set AstroDon: C,L,R,G,B
Well Capacity 200,000 e-   H-Alpha Filter AstroDon 6nm
Dark Current 9 e-   FOV at f/16 8.5 arcminutes
Read Noise 14.8 e-   System Price Appx $10,000