Over the years various LSO members have compiled and reformatted a broad list

of astronomical data for convenient reference by our members.  They are listed below.

Make no mistake, all of this information was simply downloaded from websites and

you can find even more in-depth info on any of these categories yourself with a

simple Google search. 


We will gladly send you copies of this data we have collected if you will send us

an e-mail and request a specific item.  It will be sent in a read-only PDF file. This

must be for your personal use only and cannot be used for commercial purposes.


LSO Reference Data  
100 Best Double Stars By RA
100 Nearest Stars By distance
350 Brightest Stars By brightness
90 Brightest Arps 90 brightest
All About Telescope Pointing Article on problems in pointing a telescope accurately, Patrick Wallace
Amateur Asteroid Research Astronomy mag article
Arp Catalog Full catalog, sorted by category
Best Non Messier Objects 100 best non-Messiers
BOFFO 2005 Bright Objects For First Time Observers By RA
Cat of V-V Interacting Galaxies 96 pages of interacting galaxies by RA
Dark Matter Article Highly technical article by Boehm, et al
Discovery of Objects Chronology of when various objects were discovered
Distance to Galaxies Calculated LSO member has calculated distances to all NGC, IC, CGCG, MCG, UGC (contact for details)
Elliptical Galaxies 100 best elliptical galaxies
FK5-SAO Cross Index (Smith) Cross index of all 1300 FK5 stars to SAO with added details
Fort Worth Star-Telegram article on LSO Article on Lone Star Observatory
Galaxy Images NOAO collection of images of 150 galaxies
Hickson Galaxy Cluster List Full Hickson with other designations
History of Astronomy Science magazine summary of astronomical history
Hmmmm….. Collection of about 100 sayings about astronomy
How Astronomers Know Age of Universe American Astro Society article by Frankoni, et al
Imaging With A WebCam Astronomy mag article
Markarian Galaxies 1500 Markarian, with other ID
Messier Objects by Constellation List by constellation
Messier Objects with Distance & Size Distance and size data given
Nobel Letter Re Intelligent Design Letter signed by 38 Nobel Laureates to KS Board of Education re intelligent design
Objects for Computerized Telescopes With descriptions of each (Covington)
Planetary Nebulae Details on all 1147 planetary nebulae
Primer for Beginner Astronomers Amer Society of Amateur Astronomers article (Barra)
Smithsonian Air & Space Article on Lone Star Observatory
Star Charts, All Basic star charts from SFA Observatory, printable
TSP Observing List Texas Star Party Observing List
Universe As One Year Charts showing history of our universe assuming just one year in length
Washington Double Star List List of thousands of double stars by Washington Astro Society